Roydell Shannon So You Think You Can Dance Audition Video: Crumper Called As Good As Winner Russell Ferguson

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Roydell Shannon Bam So You Think You Can Dance Video

By Shari Weiss |

Roydell Shannon Bam So You Think You Can Dance Video


Roydell Shannon was called as good as “So You Think You Can Dance” winner Russell Ferugson on Monday’s show, though it was his son Bam Bam who nearly stole the moment. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the new “SYTYCD” season kicked off last week with a brand-new twist to the series, along with a new panel of judges. Unlike in past years, dancers are now divided into stage or street categories. And Shannon was definitely in the latter. The crumper said he had a “beastly style” that was “smooth” and not “aggressive,” and he was so true to his word that new judge Jason Derulo ended up coincidentally using the word “beast” to describe his act.

But before the panel gave Shannon their critique, they invited the dancer’s toddler son on stage. Bam Bam amazingly mimicked some of his father’s dance moves, earning a standing ovation from Derulo and fellow newbie Paula Abdul, who joked afterward, “I wish you would’ve started dancing a little earlier in your life.” Derulo sweetly told the little boy, “Bam Bam, I’ve never seen something so amazing. Wow. Where did you lose those moves? Daddy, huh?” And Nigel Lythgoe even praised the child for getting back up after an (adorable) fall.

The judges were just as enthusiastic about Bam Bam’s father. Lythgoe admitted to Shannon that he never thought crumping could be successful, until Ferguson won the whole competition during 2009’s season 6. “I thought you were just as good as him,” said the head judge. He went on to gush, “I loved your musicality… There were so many things that you did that were just musical that I don’t see in a crumper. So, congratulations. I thought it was excellent.”

Abdul told Shannon, “First off all, I applaud your commitment to detail and practicing, before going on to say, “You were [in] 3-D. It was incredible.” And Derulo exclaimed, “You’re much more than a crumper, dude. You’re an entertainer.” He went on, “And the power you have behind your dance, it comes from the crump, but it’s a different kind of strength. You just became a beast.”

“I enjoyed every moment because you had levels and your musicality was on,” added Derulo. Check out the video below, and tell us if you prefer Shannon or his son Bam Bam!


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