Rosie O’Donnell Does NOT Have Niece Who Is “Blowing Up On Instagram,” Despite Claim

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Rosie O'Donnell Niece Instagram

By Shari Weiss |

Rosie O'Donnell Niece Instagram

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Rosie O’Donnell does not have a niece who is “blowing up on Instagram.” This is a 100 percent fake news story from an untrustworthy blog. O’Donnell even tells Gossip Cop the article is “insanity.”

It comes from MediaTakeOut, which is announcing, “MTO EXCLUSIVE: Meet Rosie O’Donnell’s Niece… She’s BLOWING UP On Instagram… Cause She’s BUILT LIKE BLACC CHYNA!! (Only She’s NATURAL).” After misspelling “Chyna” in its headline, the webloid goes on to misspell “Rosie” in its report, which is needlessly mean-spirited. It states, “Rosei O’Donnell was never known for being a good looking woman. Apparently all the ‘pretty’ genes must have skipped a generation. But they all landed on her niece — and Instagram model named Ale.”

The site provides no explanation for why it’s claiming this purported model is O’Donnell’s niece. All the outlet has to offer is an old photo of O’Donnell holding an unidentified toddler. Alongside that picture, MediaFakeOut, as it’s known, declares about the girl said to be Ale, “Here’s what she used to look like.” To show what that same child supposedly looks like “now,” the blog features a series of random photos. There is no evidence provided to indicate that the girl in the childhood snapshot is the same as the woman in the adult pictures.

And when Gossip Cop scoured the Internet, we could find no connection between O’Donnell and the “model.” The photos showed by MTO do appear on Ale’s Instagram page, but there’s nothing that suggests she has any relation to the comedienne. O’Donnell has now confirmed to Gossip Cop that the story is totally bogus and the woman is “not my niece.” It’s unclear if the online publication was duped by inaccurate information or if it concocted this erroneous tale all on its own. But regardless, as O’Donnell told us, it’s “insanity.”

Oddly, this isn’t the only weird story Gossip Cop has had to correct about the actress recently. Nearly a month ago, OK! claimed O’Donnell was “obsessed with clairvoyants” and “forking over big bucks” to psychics. A rep for the star called the report “absurd.”

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