Roseanne In Talks For New TV Sitcom To Compete With “The Conners” Spinoff?

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Roseanne New Sitcom

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Roseanne New Sitcom

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Is Roseanne in talks for a new TV sitcom? Reports claim the comedienne is meeting with network executives for a show to compete with “The Conners.” Gossip Cop investigated, and we can now reveal the truth.

Roseanne was fired from the revival of her eponymous ABC series in May after a racist tweet. The network later announced a spinoff series called “The Conners,” which will star the remaining cast. Now sister outlets RadarOnline and the National Enquirer are running similar stories this week contending the controversial star is “plotting a TV comeback” and is “preparing a new show” to air “on a competing network.” Both articles claim she has “already held meetings with producers and network execs about starring in a new sitcom that could go head to head” with “The Conners.”

The same so-called “TV industry insider” is quoted in both pieces as saying, “One network has already offered her a very fat contract. The money that’s being thrown around is as much as $37 million, and many millions more in international syndication residual payments!” The reports begin to differ as they continue, with RadarOnline arguing how Roseanne could make a Hollywood return like Mel Gibson, with restrictions like a “no social media policy,” while the National Enquirer names FOX as one of her network “suitors.” An untraceable “source” asserts, “It’s a much better fit for her, and they would love to have her.”

It’s likely the tabloid is throwing out FOX as potential new home for Roseanne because the network brought back ABC’s canceled “Last Man Standing,” starring the conservative Tim Allen. Of course, the major difference is that Allen wasn’t fired from his series like Roseanne was. Another red flag is the claim that she could be paid “as much as $37 million.” For the “Roseanne” revival, Variety reported her salary was $250,000 per an episode. With a nine-episode season, she earned $2.25 million. The notion that she’d now be jumping to $37 million is beyond far-fetched.

It seems the only reason this narrative was concocted is because, as both publications note, Rosanne claimed in a podcast interview released last week that she’s been “offered so many things.” She further maintained, “I’ve almost accepted one really good offer to go back on TV and I might do it. But we’ll see.” No networks have corroborated that, and it’s unclear to what she was referring. Additionally, days later Roseanne posted on Twitter that she would not be “doing any TV interviews.”

The new plan, she said, is to answer fan questions via her YouTube page. Nothing further has been said about an “offer to go back on TV.” Gossip Cop also contacted Roseanne’s spokesperson for clarity, and the rep tells us on the record that these claims about meetings with executives for a new sitcom to go up against “The Conners” are “not true.”


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