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Roseanne is not creating a new spinoff show that has her TV family, the Conners, getting killed by "illegals," despite a fabricated report. Gossip Cop can debunk this complete falsehood. We're assured there's absolutely "no truth" to it.

The National Enquirer has unintentionally published an article that's even more comical than an episode of the old "Roseanne" show. The often discredited supermarket tabloid quotes an unnamed source as saying, "Roseanne is still angry her character was killed off by an opioid overdose." But after that somewhat factually accurate remark, the outlet's untraceable and possibly wholly concocted tipster adds in all seriousness that in Roseanne's purported new spinoff series, "Her husband and children would die at the hands of illegals." What?!

Bizarrely, the magazine makes no mention at all about how (before being canceled) "Roseanne" tackled the topic of undocumented workers on the show. It simply glosses over everything and asserts Roseanne "no longer owns the rights to her own character." Actually, in a piece last summer about "The Conners" getting a go from ABC , the Hollywood Reporter pointed out that the fired actress would "retain all rights to her Roseanne Conner character." Regardless of its omissions and factual errors, even by the tabloid's standards, its latest story about Roseanne creating a new show may be one of the most absurd it has ever manufactured.

Naturally, there are no other details in the article, such as who Roseanne plans to pitch this new show to or what some of the other plot lines would be are after everyone else is dead. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every claim, no matter how poorly they're made up. As opposed to the magazine's anonymous and almost assuredly phony "insiders," a rep for Roseanne tells us there's "no truth" to the publication's tale. Her spokesperson further expressed that the report was "very funny," but not because it was wittily written or that its unsavory narrative was remotely comedic. The humor, noted the rep, was from how preposterous the premise was, and yet the outlet still printed it.

The Enquirer has made an art of publishing nonsensical stories about Roseanne. Before the latest twist in which her TV family would be killed off, four months ago Gossip Cop busted the same magazine when it took another spinoff angle and wrongly contended Roseanne was in talks to do a new TV sitcom that competed against "The Conners." In that equally outlandish article, the tabloid maintained "one network has already offered her... as much as $37 million, and many millions more in international syndication residual payments" to do a series. Of course, no deal like that ever existed.

And before that claim, Gossip Cop corrected the publication for falsely contending Roseanne was pushing Kabbalah on her now former co-stars, which made them "uncomfortable" on the set. Much has been written about comments the comedienne has uttered that have been controversial and upset others, but those were never one of them. If the tabloid wants to make up laughable tales, maybe its staffers should get jobs instead writing for sitcoms.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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