Roseanne Not Pushing Kabbalah On Co-Stars, Despite Reports

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Roseanne Kabbalah

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Roseanne Kabbalah

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Is Roseanne “pushing” Kabbalah on her co-stars? New reports claim the comedienne is trying to convert her cast mates on the revived ABC sitcom. A rep, however, exclusively tells Gossip Cop the stories are “not true.”

The virtually identical articles come from the National Enquirer and RadarOnline, which claim Roseanne “credits the Kabbalah cult for her TV comeback,” and is now “forcing the occult organization on her co-stars.” The sister outlets both quote a so-called “on-set source,” who alleges the TV icon “insists” Kabbalah “got her show on its feet.” Contends the supposed snitch, “Her religious rants are a little off-putting, [and] she’s not afraid to let the cast and crew know just how she feels.”

The publications go on to assert Roseanne has “gone so overboard about touting her beliefs at work that it’s made her co-stars uncomfortable.” Alleges the purported tipster, “It’s not the idea of Kabbalah itself that’s putting everyone on edge. It’s Roseanne’s pushiness about it.” This questionable insider adds, “People are sick of it. Everybody’s waiting for things to blow up.”

But there’s a lot of key information suspiciously missing from these stories. How is Roseanne “pushing” and “forcing” Kabbalah on her colleagues? What does she say in these “religious rants”? Which “co-stars” are “uncomfortable” and “on edge”? Just when has Roseanne been going “overboard,” and when might things “blow up”?

The new season of “Roseanne” wrapped production back in December, and while another cycle of the reboot has been ordered, filming has not yet resumed. In fact, when The Hollywood Reporter reported the “Roseanne” renewal last month, the trade outlet specifically noted, “There was no immediate word whether the network plans to have it ready for fall.” Additionally, the president ABC Entertainment said in a statement that executives “can’t wait to see what the ‘Roseanne’ team has in store for next year.”

In other words, production isn’t taking place right now, so the timing of these claims from a supposed “on-set source” makes little sense. It seems as if the tabloid and the website just wanted to capitalize on the ongoing attention “Roseanne” is receiving as it currently airs, and decided to concoct an unsupported narrative based on its controversial lead actress’s religious faith. Roseanne has spoken highly of Kabbalah in the past, and isn’t shy about referencing Judaism on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean she’s preaching on the set of her TV series to the chagrin of her co-workers.

A rep for Roseanne tells Gossip Cop on the record that these new reports are “absolutely not true.” It also wasn’t true last week when these same sister publications cited an unnamed “source” and untraceable “TV exec” to falsely allege Roseanne was demanding a raise to $1 million per episode. That unsubstantiated claim was also problematic and, similar to now, oddly timed. Again, it appears the magazine and the blog are offering fiction just to exploit a fictional TV show.


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