Roseanne Barr Heartbroken After Boyfriend Refuses To Marry Her?

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Roseanne Barr sits on stage in a blue cardigan and patterned dress

By Laura Broman |

Roseanne Barr sits on stage in a blue cardigan and patterned dress

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Is Roseanne Barr “forlorn” after boyfriend Johnny Argent’s continued refusal to marry her? That’s what one tabloid is claiming this week in a truly ridiculous article. Gossip Cop can correct it.

Citing extremely questionable sources, the Globe claims that Barr has “tried everything to tempt her guy down the aisle — but he won’t!” This includes, allegedly, spending a “fortune” on plastic surgery and losing 230 pounds. Referring to the comedian quite insultingly as a “three-time-loser-at-marriage,” the tabloid goes on to quote “sources” who insist Barr has “worked nonstop to be the best she can be” and had hoped for a proposal by this point.

Barr and Argent have been in a relationship for 18 years and have lived together on Barr’s farm in Hawaii for 13, but the suspicious source claims she wants more. “They are very active — especially in the bedroom,” the source says, “but for some reason he can’t quite say, ‘Will you marry me?'”

Gossip Cop found the story to be a complete fiction. Barr’s spokesperson denied the claim. Plus, the comedian is not “desperate” for Argent to propose. They’ve been together for nearly two decades — if marriage were truly that important to her, it seems likely she would have ended the relationship or changed her mind. Also, as Globe was quick to point out, she’s already been married and divorced three times. Perhaps she doesn’t see it as a necessity at this point.

By the way, as far as Barr’s weight loss goes, Globe initially frames it as though Barr lost the 230 pounds to impress Argent, but this simply isn’t true. As the article itself admits later on, Barr underwent a gastric bypass in 1997 and dropped around 100 pounds, but that was a good five years before she met Argent. The other 130 pounds that she’s apparently lost since meeting her partner were reported by the seemingly nonexistent “source” that the tabloid keeps quoting.

As one of Hollywood’s most controversial stars, it’s hardly a surprise that Barr is the subject of frequent tabloid gossip. That was especially the case throughout 2018 after Barr drew heavy criticism for writing a racist tweet, which prompted the cancellation of the ABC Roseanne reboot. In November of that year, Gossip Cop made a list of all the absurd rumors about Barr we’d debunked since the scandal. Barr is indeed a controversial media figure, but that doesn’t make these false stories about her any less fake or insulting. Clearly, these tabloids are just capitalizing on her continued unpopularity in mainstream Hollywood to make a quick buck.


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