Is Roseanne Barr's stage fright threatening to derail her latest comedy tour? That's the story in one of the tabloid's this week. Gossip Cop found it to be totally false.

The National Enquirer alleges that Barr's "crippling stage fright" might destroy her comeback tour with fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay. The comedian's Roseanne reboot was infamously canceled following a series of racist tweets, but she's hoping to put the controversy behind her by going back to her roots and doing stand-up. According to an alleged insider, however, the plan is already in jeopardy.

"She needs this tour to save her career, but she's so terrified about taking the stage again!" says the questionable source. "She puts on a brave face in interviews, but she's panic stricken." The supposed tipster further contends that Barr is consulting with Clay and mental health professionals to "recover her self-confidence" and "shed her personal demons."

As "proof," the outlet points to "a history of mental issues, including a stay in a psych ward when she was a teen." The seemingly phony source adds, "Roseanne has hired a life coach. It's meant to help her recognize the issues that put her in the dark place she's in today and understand the obstacles holding her back."

The magazine's premise is based on the word of an anonymous insider, but Barr's rep denied the story outright. In fact, Barr posted an Instagram photo of herself and Clay smiling just before the first performance of their tour last week. The veteran comic doesn't look nervous or anxious in the least.

Additionally, the tabloid keeps the details of its story extremely vague in an attempt to counter any fact-checking. When did Barr's "stage fright" start exactly? She's made multiple public appearances since her show was canceled last year. Barr even took a selfie with the entire audience at one of her shows in May.

It makes no sense for a decades-long veteran of the stage and screen to suddenly come down with a brutal case of stage fright, especially more than a year after the incident said to be causing her worries. Barr's recent history of performances contradicts the magazine's entire narrative.

Barr's infamous Twitter tirade and firing have spawned plenty of misinformation and outrageous rumors. In July 2018, Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline, a sister publication of the Enquirer, for an article claiming Barr was begging fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld to help her make a career comeback.

In November 2018, Gossip Cop debunked an Enquirer story about Barr creating another Roseanne reboot that would kill off all of the other characters and focus exclusively on her. Though the comedian has admittedly been surrounded by controversy for the past year or so, that doesn't mean these outlandish rumors are true. That goes for this latest one involving a case of stage fright.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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