Is Rose Leslie jealous of Angelina Jolie working with her husband Kit Harington? That absurd rumor is being pushed by a tabloid this week, but it simply isn't true. Gossip Cop can correct the claim.

"Kit's Wife Fears Angie's Games!" Reads a headline in the latest National Enquirer. According to "sources" speaking to the unreliable tabloid, Leslie is concerned about the time that her husband and "Man-hungry" Jolie are spending together. As Jolie and Harington "[hit]the road" to promote their new movie, The Eternals, the thought of them spending "weeks together" is allegedly "horrifying" for the Downton Abbey actress.

"Everyone knows that Angie is on the prowl for a man - and Kit is just her type!" a supposed "insider" tells the outlet. "They'll share long days on the road, stay in the same hotels and have lots of downtime together," the dubious tipster continues, adding, "it's all too close for Rose's liking!" The tabloid adds that the Game of Thrones star was seen without his wife on the red carpet at the 2019 Emmys. "Rose trusts Kit, but it's Angie's reputation she struggles with," the insider finishes. "She knows that she stole Brad Pitt from under Jennifer Aniston's nose."

It seems like this story was written several months ago and the Enquirer forgot to publish it until now. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story, but you shouldn't really need us for this one. First of all, last week it was announced that The Eternals' release date had been pushed back from November 6 to February 12, 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it's way too early for a press tour. Second of all, even if it hadn't been pushed back there's no way, given the virus, that the movie's cast members would be "hitting the road" on press tours together. Traveling around and being in close quarters with others doesn't exactly qualify as social distancing.

Also, it's bizarre that the tabloid brought up Kit Harington walking the red carpet solo at the Emmys, an event which is by now half a year old. For the record, Leslie had to skip that ceremony due to work commitments, not tensions with her husband. She did join Harington at the much more recent Golden Globes in January. Leslie's spokesperson confirmed for Gossip Cop that the tabloid's claim is not correct: Rose Leslie is not worrying about her husband spending time with Jolie.

It should be noted that Angelina Jolie's supposed "reputation" as a villain is largely thanks to vicious tabloids like this one continuing to push the narrative that she's a seductress. Gossip Cop has debunked plenty of stories that follow this theme, from Us Weekly's claim last November that Jolie was "torturing" Brad Pitt with public shaming and mind games to Woman's Day's nasty report last month that she was reigniting her custody battle with Pitt following his "reunion" with Jennifer Aniston, to Heat's bogus theory that she was "plotting" to win an Oscar to steal Brad Pitt's spotlight after his own win. These insulting stories are nothing more than weak attempts by the gossip industry to sell magazines.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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