Ronda Rousey ‘SNL’ Monologue Treated Like Fight, Selena Gomez Joins To Sing – WATCH VIDEO

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Ronda Rousey SNL Monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Ronda Rousey SNL Monologue


Ronda Rousey opened her “SNL” monologue by talking about how she got beat by Holly Holm in November. She said even though she got knocked out, it didn’t affect her brain, but then she started talking nonsense. Rousey was assisted in her opening, though, by Selena Gomez singing. See the video below of Rousey’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

Rousey’s monologue was treated like a fight, with rounds and announcers talking about how she was doing. There were even breaks with her trainer giving advice about how she should come out and do the monologue. After scoring and missing with a few jokes, she had Gomez come out and sing “Come And Get It.”

This is the first time Rousey has hosted “Saturday Night Live.” While UFC champ is not exactly known for her acting, she has been steadily growing her resume with several movies parts. She made her big screen debut in 2014 in The Expendables 3. That was followed in 2015 with appearances in both Furious 3 and Entourage.

Rousey is also slated to do a remake of Road House, taking on the part originally played by Patrick Swayze. And her autobiography My Fight/Your Fight is being developed into a film as well. Additionally, just last week it was announced a movie is being written called “Do Nothing Bitches,” which will star Rousey and Tina Fey, who is also producing the film. It’s based on a phrase the fighter made popular when she said in a vlog in 2015 that her mom raised her not to become a “do nothing bitch,” which she described as a “chick that just tries to be pretty and be taken care of by somebody else.”

Check out the video below of Ronda Rousey’s “SNL” monologue.


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