Robin Wright “Nightmare” On ‘House Of Cards’ Set?

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Robin Wright House Of Cards

By Michael Lewittes |

Robin Wright House Of Cards

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Robin Wright is not a “nightmare” on the “House Of Cards” set, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told it’s “completely false.”

After noting how “House Of Cards” is wrapping up after one more season, Life & Style contends the “end of the show is bad news for fans, but there’s a silver lining” for Wright’s co-stars. According to the tabloid, Wright has “a lot in common with her ice-queen character Claire Underwood.” A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “Robin can be tough to work with.” The same alleged insider asserts, “Fans would be shocked if they knew how poorly Robin behaved behind the scenes.”

The supposed “source” further maintains, “People complain about her on set,” particularly those who work in the wardrobe department. “She’d make the dressers be on their hands and knees for hours, changing her shoes repeatedly,” says the purported tipster. The questionable “source” also theorizes that Wright “sometimes snaps” because “House Of Cards” is filmed in Washington, D.C., and the actress lives in Los Angeles. “She got tired of shooting in D.C.,” speculates the tabloid’s snitch.

To recap: The publication swears up and down that Wright is a “nightmare” and “tough to work with,” and even contends “fans would be shocked if they knew how poorly” she acts on the set of the Netflix hit, and yet all it can offer is an unsubstantiated and untrue claim about her being allegedly difficult when it comes to choosing shoes? Regardless of how little proof the tabloid has, Gossip Cop vigorously fact-checked this story and no one involved in the production could corroborate the magazine’s assertions. In fact, many of the people Gossip Cop reached out to spoke glowingly of Wright.

While it’s true Netflix canceled “House Of Cards” in the wake of Kevin Spacey’s scandal, those working on the series are not happy that it’s ending because they supposedly have issues with Wright. In fact, if she were such a problem, Wright wouldn’t have been been brought back for the final season. One impeccable “House Of Cards” insider assures Gossip Cop that the Life & Style story is “completely false.”

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