Robert Pattinson NOT Using Emma Watson “Romance” To “Get Over” FKA Twigs, Despite Claim

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Robert Pattinson Using Emma Watson

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Robert Pattinson Using Emma Watson

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Robert Pattinson is not using a “romance” with Emma Watson to “get over” FKA Twigs, despite a new claim. Gossip Cop can bust this unsubstantiated and misguided report. It is 100 percent untrue.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Pattinson and Watson have “been trying their best to keep their relationship under the radar, with a lot of people wondering if RPatz might be using” the actress “as a way to get over” Twigs. Without any evidence to back up its assertions, the website maintains “there’s no denying that Robert was devastated over the end of their relationship, as he was madly in love with the eccentric singer.” But in the wake of Watson splitting from William Mack Knight, the blog speculates “Emma and Robert first hooked up only three weeks after her break up.”

“Still, a lot of Robert’s fans can’t help but wonder if he might be using [her] as a way to forget about his failed engagement with FKA Twigs,” alleges the outlet, adding, “After all, both Robert and Emma have a lot in common.” The online publication notes, “Emma is just like Robert when it comes to wanting to separate her personal life from her professional life,” and points out that she “doesn’t like to talk about her relationships with the media and she certainly doesn’t like to be seen with her boyfriends while she is out and about.”

But just because Pattinson and Watson similarly prefer to keep their love lives private doesn’t mean they are now in a relationship with each other. Furthermore, though the site twice insists that “people” are “wondering” and “fans can’t help but wonder” if the actor is “using” his former co-star, any real fan wouldn’t be wondering that at all. Those who actually keep informed about Pattinson know he’s not dating Watson, so there wouldn’t even be any questioning about whether or not he’s “using” her.

CDL comes off as utterly clueless as it combines speculation about Pattinson and Twigs splitting with untrue rumors about a coupling with Watson. She and Pattinson did have a reunion at the Golden Globes earlier this month, but that’s where their current connection starts and ends. It is simply impossible for him to be using someone he isn’t even dating. The outlet ends its piece by telling readers, “Don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson.” But it’s clear the blog isn’t in-the-know at all.