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Robert Pattinson has never dated Katy Perry, but in 2018 a number of the tabloids kept pushing that untrue rumor, while one went so far as to allege the singer was pressuring the British actor to get married. Gossip Cop debunked the false narrative, and naturally time has proven how off-base the premise was. Incredibly, the outlet that concocted this year's top rumor about Pattinson was also the same magazine that manufactured last year's most inaccurate tale about the movie star's personal life.

In February, Life & Style published an article that claimed Perry wanted to "settle down and get married" to Pattinson. To support its story, the magazine quoted an unnamed and untraceable "source" who supposedly said, "Rob's parents approve of Katy and want him to settle down." "They're rooting for him and Katy," added the anonymous tipster.

Just days before that piece, the same publication falsely reported Pattinson and Perry were spotted "making out" at Taix French Restaurant in Los Angeles, and asserted they were "taking their friendship to the next level." At the time, Gossip Cop was not only told by their camps it was untrue, but also pictures of Pattinson and Perry from that night showed they sat with a group of friends and not even next to each other. Still, the rumors of them dating wrongly persisted, with the tabloid taking it to "the next level," claiming Pattinson was being pressured by the singer to get married.

With the exception of arranged marriages and certain reality shows, people generally date before getting married. And even Perry has said she's never dated Pattinson. She told Elle UK back in 2013 that she's just "a friend to him." The singer went on to explain, "He's my bud, I'm like his big sister. We just hang out." That same dynamic remains true to this day, and when romance rumors resurfaced in 2018, Perry's rep, speaking on her behalf, exclusively told Gossip Cop they are "just friends" and not remotely altar-bound.

Two months after the tabloid's bogus tale about Pattinson being pressured by the singer to get hitched, Perry confirmed she and Orlando Bloom had reconciled following their February 2017 split. Meanwhile, Pattinson, who's currently seeing Suki Waterhouse, was inaccurately linked romantically in 2018 to not only Perry but also to a slew of other women, including Rihanna, Emma Watson, Sienna Miller, Demi Moore, Mia Goth and even ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. As noted above, Life & Style was also responsible for the top rumor of 2017 when it incorrectly maintained Pattinson and Stewart were "getting back together."

With 2018 coming to an end, it's clear Pattinson didn't date Perry nor did she push her platonic pal to tie the knot. That's why the tabloid has had the dubious distinction of having manufactured the top Pattinson rumor for the second year in a row. Gossip Cop hopes the magazine does a better job in 2019 when fact-checking its articles about the British movie star.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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