Robert Pattinson On Superhero Movies: I’ll Do One If It’s “Really Strange”

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Robert Pattinson Superhero Movie

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Superhero Movie

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Will Robert Pattinson ever suit up for a superhero movie? In a new interview, the actor admits he’s open to appearing in a comic book film, but only under the condition that it’s “really strange.”

Pattinson sat down with Collider to discuss his new movie, The Lost City of Z, when the discussion turned to other potential projects in the future. As for diving into the superhero genre, the actor says he’s interested but it “has to feel right.” He further contends that most Hollywood producers probably “wouldn’t trust” him to take on a superhero role because he’d “want to do something basically really strange.”

The actor has appeared in several offbeat indies in the years since his blockbuster Twilight series ended, which is why Pattinson believes if he keeps “trying to do good and interesting, strange movies,” he may one day earn the opportunity to make an unusual film “on a bigger scale.” “I’d love to do a kind of superhero-y, graphic novel-y thing if it was an original piece,” he notes.

Pattinson goes on to explain how it’s “a very different experience when there’s already an audience” for a superhero property, which is why he particularly “loved Guardians of the Galaxy,” as the source material wasn’t widely known at the time of the film’s release. Unfortunately for the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch already nabbed the role of Doctor Strange, but Pattinson may one day get to put his own oddball spin on the superhero genre.

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