Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller “Sneaking” Around Report Is Late And Wrong

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Robert Pattinson Sienna Miller

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Robert Pattinson Sienna Miller

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A new report claiming Robert Pattinson is dating Sienna Miller is both late and wrong. Gossip Cop can once again correct this false allegation about the two friends “sneaking” around, which was published by yet another site that didn’t bother to fact-check. As we noted earlier in the month, we were assured it’s all untrue.

In a new article from Canoe, the outlet asks whether Pattinson and Miller are “just friends or something more?” The site then regurgitates an inaccurate story that falsely maintains the two pals are “taking their flirty friendship to the next level.” It simply quotes an unnamed RadarOnline “insider,” who alleges Miller and Pattinson’s relationship was always “platonic” because “one of them was always with someone else,” but now that neither of them is attached, “the door is open for them to give this a real shot.” The purported source further contends the two stars “have always had a great connection.”

Much like the original story that it took its misinformation from, this latest article acknowledges Pattinson is close friends with Tom Sturridge, Miller’s ex-fiance and the father of their 6-year-old daughter Marlowe. However, it has its untraceable and seemingly nonexistent “insider” add, “All of their mutual friends think Rob and Sienna would be a good match.” Naturally, none of the outlets that repurposed this falsehood mention who the supposed “insider” is or the names of any of Miller and Pattinson’s “mutual friends” who think they would make a “good match.”

Of course, it’s very simple for websites and tabloids to hide behind unidentifiable sources and have anonymous and unaccountable individuals quoted as saying whatever they need for their narratives. Since reworking our site over the past few months, Gossip Cop never predicates a story just on one unnamed source. We use additional, publicly available information to back up our conclusions. And we provide as much transparency in other ways as well.

In this instance, a rep for Miller told us on the record unequivocally that talk of the former The Lost City Of Z co-stars dating is completely untrue. The “sneaking” around claim is wrong now, and it was false when the Pattinson-Miller dating rumor was first begun last month. Nothing has changed, except a new crop of outlets appear to be more interested in spreading baseless gossip than in actually fact-checking.

None of the sites that have published this falsehood mention anything about reaching out to Miller’s rep. And the reason is simple. They would have been told the claim was a lie and either would’ve had to ignore the spokesperson’s comment or try to find a way to include the on-the-record remark, but then insinuate the rep was lying while their unidentifiable “insider” knew with supposed truth.

Maybe Canoe should stop looking to RadarOnline as a source of information about the former Twilight star or Miller. Last summer, the latter website falsely maintained Pattinson had an “intimate dinner” with Katy Perry. And shortly before that misfire, the uncreative outlet inaccurately also asserted Brad Pitt had an “intimate dinner” with Miller.

As Gossip Cop exclusively reported, Pitt and Miller never dated. And close buddies Pattinson and Perry have never dated either. Much like those past claims, the current one linking Pattinson romantically to Miller will still be wrong no matter how often or how late it’s repeated.


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