Robert Pattinson Talks To Ryan Seacrest About “Good Time,” Living With Dustin Diamond – LISTEN!

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Robert Pattinson Ryan Seacrest Interview

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Robert Pattinson Ryan Seacrest Interview

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Robert Pattinson called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on Thursday to discuss Good Time, but ended up revealing the best thing about living with Dustin Diamond. Listen to the audio below!

The interview started off on an amusing note, as Seacrest was delayed thanks to a call with his mom Connie, which also happens to be the name of Pattinson’s character in Good Time, as well as the name of the actor’s real-life grandmother. The radio personality called the coincidences “serendipitous,” and congratulated Pattinson on the film’s success, noting the six-minute standing ovation after it premiered at Cannes early this year. “It does worry me thinking that might’ve been my lifetime peak,” Pattinson joked. He went on to describe being nervous for the reaction, shocking Seacrest when he said some people stand at the film festival’s screenings just to boo.

Of Good Time, Pattinson said, “It’s just kind of a psychotic heist movie… The situation just gets progressively worse and worse and worse as the night continues.” He confirmed he signed on to the project with no script, just because he believed in the directors so much, so all of the critical acclaim is taking the British star by surprise. “It’s a pretty wild movie. I thought it was going to be a lot more divisive,” he admitted, adding, “It’s lovely seeing it get recognized.

Pattinson, who has been living in Los Angeles “on and off” for roughly nine years now, recalled meeting Seacrest when he first moved to the city. The host teased, “I remember you came in studio… You’ve totally changed.” The actor said he was living at the Oakwood apartments at the time, a complex famously known for housing actors. “With Screech, with Dustin Diamond,” Pattinson then revealed, confessing, “I loved it. I really miss it.” He even shared, “Dustin was the first person to introduce me to Hot Pockets. I’ll always be appreciative.”

And in another coincidence, Seacrest revealed that his first neighbor was Diamond’s “Saved By The Bell” co-star, Mario Lopez. Listen to the interview below! NOTE: The audio is no longer available.

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