Robert Pattinson Laughed Off Rumor About Attending Royal Wedding

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Robert Pattinson Royal Wedding

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Robert Pattinson Royal Wedding

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Robert Pattinson laughed off a recent report that claimed he was set to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, according to a source. As Gossip Cop reported, an often unreliable tabloid recently maintained the actor had “scored an invite” to Saturday’s royal wedding” but it was up in the air about whether he would attend. Now, we’re told after he heard the untrue rumor, the actor was amused by it.

As Gossip Cop reported, Life & Style alleged Pattinson was “all set to attend Harry and Meghan’s wedding,” along with a slew of other celebrities that included George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, and the Beckhams. A so-called “source close to Robert” was quoted as saying he was “super excited about being there to witness a part of history.” But the story got crazy when its seemingly fabricated insider speculated who the actor would “bring as his plus one.”

The clearly ill-informed “source” alleged in unnaturally expository language, “A lot of people are saying he’ll bring his ex, FKA Twigs… Or who knows! He’s been cool with ex Kristen Stewart lately, maybe she’ll be his date.” As Gossip Cop previously noted, those claims were insane. And, of course, if a “lot of people” were talking about Pattinson attending the royal wedding, why was it that only one tabloid published the provably wrong story?

More importantly, there was no reason for Pattinson to be at Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding. His only connection was that he and the bride shared a tiny amount of screen time together in the 2010 film Remember MeMarkle even said in an interview that she and Pattinson only spent limited together while shooting the movie. She said, “I filmed some scenes in New York with him for a small part.” The new Duchess added, “He’s a really lovely guy” and that she enjoyed being able “to watch someone who is young, who’s stardom has really taken over his life in such a huge way.”

Contrary to the gossip magazine’s assertion, Pattinson was never “set to attend Harry and Meghan’s wedding.” Nor was he invited. And obviously he wasn’t concerned about who he would “bring as his plus one,” since he wasn’t attending.

Gossip Cop, however, is not surprised by the inaccuracy of the Life & Story report, since its the same tabloid that falsely maintained Pattinson and Katy Perry were dating and that she was pressuring him to get married. But, how did he feel about all this? And actual Pattinson insider tells us he “knew nothing” about the magazine’s tall tale initially, but when he told about it he laughed.


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