Robert Pattinson, Rihanna Going On “Secret Dates”?

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Robert Pattinson Rihanna Dates

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Robert Pattinson Rihanna Dates

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Are Robert Pattinson and Rihanna going on “secret dates”? A tabloid wants readers to believe the actor has “found love” with the “We Found Love” singer. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively bust the story.

With “romance rumors rumbling for years,” the New Zealand edition of Woman’s Day claims “the time is finally right” for Pattinson and Rihanna to become a couple. It’s even alleged “mutual pal” Katy Perry has been “setting them up on a string of secret dates.” A so-called “well-placed source” is quoted as saying, “Rihanna and Rob have always had the hots for each other, but have never quite got together until now.”

“They’ve had their little hook-ups in the past, but nothing ever came of them. But now they’re both single again for the first time in ages and Katy thought they’d be perfect for each other,” claims the tabloid’s supposed snitch. The purported tipster contends the turning point came at the Met Gala last month, when Perry “suggested [Rihanna] get in touch with Rob.” The magazine goes on to assert Pattinson “agreed to a secret date with Rihanna in New York — and they’ve since met up in Los Angeles too.”

Curiously, it’s not said when exactly these dates supposedly took place, or how two of the biggest stars went out together without being photographed. Both are regularly snapped by paparazzi when they go out in public. For instance, earlier this month photographers managed to get grainy pictures of Pattinson and Kristen Stewart having a reunion of sorts outside the Chateau Marmont in L.A. In contrast, there’s not a single photo of him recently hanging out with Rihanna.

In fact, the last time Rihanna and Pattinson were seen partying at the same place was in 2014. Also significant is that two years before that platonic outing, Rihanna slammed rumors of a romance with Pattinson in a Vogue cover story, calling them the “most [expletive] ever.” None of this is acknowledged by Woman’s Day, which has no evidence to back up its “secret dates” premise. Additionally, this narrative is based on the notion that Rihanna has split from Hassan Jameel, which is fake news that Gossip Cop busted earlier this month.

And just as we investigated then and learned from an impeccable insider that the performer’s relationship status had not really changed, we now looked into these latest claims about Rihanna moving on from her (nonexistent) breakup with Pattinson. We’re exclusively told off the record by our Rihanna contact that these contentions are also “not true.” That will become apparent when Rihanna and Pattinson never actually emerge as a couple.


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