Robert Pattinson Does NOT Regret Choosing FKA Twigs Over Katy Perry, Despite Report

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robert pattinson regret fka twigs propose katy perry

By Michael Lewittes |

robert pattinson regret fka twigs propose katy perry

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Robert Pattinson does NOT regret choosing FKA Twigs over Katy Perry, despite an entirely made up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told by an impeccable insider, “Whoever said that is lying.”

According to the serial fabricators at Celeb Dirty Laundry, before Pattinson and FKA Twigs’ relationship became public, the actor was “hooking up” with Perry and he “never seemed happier.” The webloid predictably uses Pattinson, FKA Twigs and Perry’s appearance at the Go Campaign event in Beverly Hills on Thursday to further allege that Pattinson “appeared ten times happier” than normal that evening because Perry joined the engaged couple.

The blog then manufactures the claim that Pattinson’s “inner circle” says he and Perry are “growing close again” and have “amazing chemistry,” before adding that he’s “beginning to regret” having proposed to FKA Twigs over Perry.

There’s is nothing accurate in the entire CDL story. Pattinson does not “regret” proposing to FKA Twigs, and he was never “hooking up” with Perry. Knowing full well how certain untrustworthy sites operate, Gossip Cop even wrote on Friday, when reporting on the Go Campaign event that we would not be surprised if some particularly bad webloids try to heat up fake romance rumors between Pattinson and Perry.”

Perry herself has even said in the past that nothing has even gone on between her and Pattinson. So, who would you believe: A webloid that has been repeatedly caught manufacturing fake stories or Perry?

Still, Gossip Cop always checks in with sources no matter how pathetically bad a particular outlet is or how seemingly made-up its claims are. That said, a highly reliable source assures Gossip Cop that whoever said Pattinson regrets choosing FKA Twigs over Perry “is lying.”

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Robert Pattinson regrets chosing FKA Twigs over Katy Perry.


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