Robert Pattinson Moves Autograph-Seeking Fan Away In Paris – But Was He Wrong? (VIDEO)

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robert pattinson pushing fan paris

By Daniel Gates |

robert pattinson pushing fan paris

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Some outlets are making a big deal of a paparazzi video showing Robert Pattinson moving an autograph-seeking fan out of the way as he walked in Paris with his girlfriend FKA Twigs. At least one site is questioning whether the actor was “rude” in his treatment of the female supporter. Gossip Cop is reporting that Pattinson simply moved the fan away after she rushed over and lightly touched him.

Pattinson and his girlfriend were leaving the Casino de Paris, an 18th century music hall, where FKA Twigs had just finished performing, and were making their way with bodyguards around them to an awaiting bus when the woman crossed from one side to the other and shoved a pen and pad at Pattinson. While some are overplaying it for dramatic effect, you can see at around the 25-second mark in the video below that Pattinson, after being lightly grazed by her pen and pad, just moved the woman away from his space.

It’s true he didn’t stop and sign an autograph, which would have been preferable for a fan, but Gossip Cop is told that the actor was in “super protective” mode of his girlfriend, who was a few steps ahead of him, and moved the woman aside. It wasn’t aggressive or a diss, we’re told, “[Pattinson] just wanted to safely get [FKA Twigs] from point A to point B.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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