Robert Pattinson NOT Pushed By FKA Twigs To Take “Mainstream Roles,” Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs

By Michael Lewittes |

Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs

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Robert Pattinson is not being pushed toward any film roles by his fiance FKA Twigs, despite an entirely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claim. We’re told there’s “not a shred of truth” to it.

According to the repeatedly and provably inaccurate site Celeb Dirty Laundry, while the actor prefers independent films, FKA Twigs ispushing Pattinson toward mainstream roles.” The webloid alleges the singer wants Pattinson to do more mainstream movies to “keep him on the A-list and put bigger paychecks in the bank.” For added stupidity, the blog writes, “Robert is no stranger to showmance,” in reference to his engagement to FKA Twigs and presumably Kristen Stewart.

It’s hard to figure out where to start with such an asinine and untrue report. In no specific order, Pattinson is and has been an “A-list” actor for a long time, which allows him to do whatever type of film he wants, be it a smaller independent project or a larger mainstream movie. Additionally, FKA Twigs is not “pushing” or exerting control over his career, especially when it comes to “bigger paychecks.”

And FKA Twigs is most assuredly not deciding which roles he takes either. Pattinson has a team of agents and managers who are sent tons of scripts, from which he chooses roles based on what appeals to him as an actor.

CDL is frankly an illegitimate site that seemingly fabricates stories about Pattinson. Gossip Cop has developed carpel tunnel syndrome from repeatedly correcting the webloid’s made-up stories, including recently busting the blog for a fictitious article about how Pattinson was calling off his wedding to FKA Twigs because of an alleged fight over him wanting to invite Kristen Stewart to their nuptials.

That whole story was untrue, much like the webloid’s latest tall tale. Still, Gossip Cop investigates every story, regardless of how poor a website’s track record is. In any event, we’re exclusively told by a source close to the situation that there’s “not a shred of truth” to the claim that FKA Twigs is making Pattinson do more mainstream movies.

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Robert Pattinson was pushed by FKA Twigs to take more mainstream roles.


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