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A report claiming Robert Pattinson would be attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding has been exposed as fake news. As widely reported and documented via photos, a number of celebrities were at the nuptials on Saturday. But Pattinson was not among the guests.

On Wednesday, however, Life & Style announced in a headline on its website, "Robert Pattinson Scored an Invite to the Royal Wedding, and He Needs a Date!" The piece began by asserting the guest list would be "amazing" because a "source close to Robert Pattinson says that the Twilight star has scored an invite, and will hopefully be making an appearance." This supposed snitch was quoted as saying, "Rob's apparently all set to attend Harry and Meghan's wedding." Noting that Pattinson was recently filming in Nova Scotia, the alleged tipster opined, "I'm just hoping he gets a break and makes it to St. George's Chapel by Saturday."

As for why Pattinson would be invited to the wedding in the first place, the tabloid's "source" contended, "Rob is close to William and Kate, and that's how he got to know Harry, and eventually Meghan." It was also pointed out that Markle and Pattinson both starred in the 2010 film Remember Me. This purported insider further asserted to the magazine, "Like most Brits he's supposed to be above all the hoopla over the wedding, but he's super excited about being there to witness a part of history."

And that wasn't all. In addition to allegedly scoring his own invite, the outlet also claimed Pattinson had an invitation to bring a date as well. In a ridiculous comparison, the questionable "source" maintained, "The biggest question, besides who will ultimately walk Meghan down the aisle, is who will Rob bring as his plus one." Speculated the tipster, "He's not bringing his mother, so a lot of people are saying he'll bring his ex, FKA Twigs." But the tabloid also baselessly added, "Or who knows! He's been cool with ex Kristen Stewart lately, maybe she'll be his date."

In the wake of the article's publication, no reputable outlet ever corroborated the claim that Pattinson would be attending the royal wedding, nor did his camp confirm he had even received an invitation. Now it's readily apparent just how wrong the magazine was. There were plenty of celebrity sightings at Prince Harry and Markle's wedding, but Pattinson was among them. Stars who did line up for the wedding included George and Amal Clooney, the Beckhams, and Oprah. That's in addition to Elton John, James Corden, Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, Idris Elba and more recognizable names.

Markle's cast mates from the long-running "Suits" were also in attendance. Pattinson, an actor with whom she shares a single credit and no other known connection, was quite evidently not. This flub isn't surprising given that Life & Style is the same tabloid that wrongly reported Pattinson and Stewart were on the verge of getting back together last year. They never reconciled, just as Gossip Cop said they wouldn't, and the notion now that she could've attended the royal wedding with him is just laughable.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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