Robert Pattinson: I Wanted To Be A “Writer For Politicians” (VIDEO)

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Robert Pattinson Politics Writer

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Politics Writer


Robert Pattinson revealed in a new interview that he once aspired to be a “writer for politicians.” The actor explains why he ultimately decided against embarking on a career in politics, which he considers to be a type of “performance.” Watch the video below!

Pattinson appeared on BBC’s “Newsnight” to promote his latest film, Good Time, in which he stars as a small time criminal who attempts to break his brother out of a prison following a botched bank robbery. In addition to discussing fame, his acting career and his new movie, the actor also talked to anchor Stephen Smith about his past interest in politics.

“I used to love the idea of being a writer for politicians,” Pattinson said. When asked why he ultimately decided against a career in the political world, the actor responded, “I think I may just be like, sort of [BS’ing] about it more, which probably why I thought I wanted to get into politics. I just find it fascinating how it’s performance. So much of it is performance now. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

When asked how he deals with becoming a worldwide superstar as a result of the Twilight franchise, Pattinson admitted he can sometimes “feel trapped” by fans and photographers. “It just takes time to realize how to live when your life kind of seismically shifts,” he added. “It just takes a while to realize how to live it differently.” As for how he hides out, Pattinson noted, “Disguises in general don’t particularly work. It’s more where you choose to hang out. It’s also just an attitude. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky.” The actor was also asked if he ever gets offers to play superheroes, but Pattinson said, “I don’t think people really see me as that. Never say never obviously.” Watch the full interview below!

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