Robert Pattinson Wears Pink Wig On Wonderland Magazine Cover (PHOTOS)

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Robert Pattinson Pink Wig Wonderland

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Pink Wig Wonderland

(Wonderland/Sandy Kim)

Robert Pattinson is featured on two covers for Wonderland magazine’s Autumn 2017 edition, rocking a pink wig for one of the issues. See below both of the actor’s covers for the pop culture publication, in which he discusses the history of men’s fashion.

Pattinson serves as guest editor for the latest issue of Wonderland, which includes a discussion between the actor and author Yuval Noah Harari, who wrote the best-selling book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. “I wanted the theme of the Wonderland issue to be something like ‘The Nature of Reality’ and contrast people whose sole purpose seems to be to pervert reality with a cross-section of people like you, who seem to have a more healthy and comprehensive understanding of it,” Pattinson tells Harari inside the magazine.

The author and historian responds, “I think that in a way you’re in the business of creating reality… Images and fantasies and fictions basically rule the world.” He adds, “So many people spend all their lives chasing a dream that was implanted in their minds by some movie, TV series, poem, novel, whatever… I’m fascinated by the way that art and fiction are really the movers and shakers of the world.”

Pattinson then notes that one of his favorite sections of Harari’s book is where the author explains “how male fashion has changed” throughout history. In his book, Harari reveals that wearing a wig and high heels “was very masculine in 17th or 18th century Europe,” a time period in which “men dressed in a much more flamboyant way than the women.” In keeping with this tradition, Pattinson displays a very flamboyant look for the magazine.

Pattinson goes on to ask Harari’s opinion of why women became the gender to dress more vibrantly in the 20th century. “One of my best guesses would be that this is partly to do with the Industrial Revolution and new ideals,” he says. “You have for example the socialist ideals of equality coming up in the 19th and 20th century and what you see is that the working outfits of lower classes are becoming the status symbols.” The author further points out that some of today’s “richest people in the world,” such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates, “are very, very low-key” and “wear simple T-shirts and flip-flops.” See Pattinson’s two Wonderland covers below!


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