Robert Pattinson Taking Over Role Written For Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Robert Pattinson Philip Seymour Hoffman Movie Role

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Robert Pattinson is set to star in the upcoming sci-fi movie High Life, as Gossip Cop has reported, but now it’s emerged his lead role was originally written for the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Claire Denis, the film’s writer-director, explains in a new interview why she chose Pattinson to replace the Oscar-winning actor following his death.

High Life follows a group of criminals who agree to embark on a deadly space mission in exchange for avoiding prison time. “While I was writing the script, I had a face in mind: actor Philip Seymour Hoffman,” Denis tells Vogue Hommes about the main character. “And then he died… At the time I thought I’d never make this film.” But the filmmaker explains she changed her mind after learning Pattinson “had heard about the project and wanted to meet.” She confesses, “I was afraid he’d be disappointed. I thought that perhaps he wouldn’t be interested in working on the sort of films I make. [But] he read the script and told me that he wanted to do it… His confidence in me renewed my confidence in the project.”

Denis goes on to divulge that upon meeting Pattinson, he was so down-to-earth that she “ended up forgetting that he was so famous.” She adds, “When I saw Twilight, I liked it immediately because he has heartrending charisma.” Denis also acknowledges, “It would be difficult to imagine anyone more unlike Philip Seymour Hoffman physically, but Robert is very enigmatic, with a powerful presence.”

The French filmmaker further expresses that Pattinson “gives off an aura that immediately makes you want to film him.” In fact, Denis is so exciting by the prospect of collaborating with the actor, she actually admits, “I hope I can keep a cool head on the first day.” During her interview with the magazine, Denis also goes into deeper detail about Pattinson’s character and the film’s plot. He’s “a man a long way from earth,” she reveals. “One by one, his companions die, and he survives… He’s rather like a knight of the Round Table projected into a world of science fiction.” High Life is expected to begin filming sometime this summer.


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