Robert Pattinson’s Parents Are NOT “Disapproving” Of FKA Twigs

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Robert Pattinson Parents FKA Twigs

By Daniel Gates |

Robert Pattinson Parents FKA Twigs

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RadarOnline, an unreliable webloid that has been wrong about Robert Pattinson for years, now claims the actor’s parents are “disapproving” of his girlfriend FKA Twigs. Apparently, when a site’s track record includes spreading the false story that Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had an “open relationship,” it will say virtually anything to pretend it has special insight into his love life.

According to the outlet, “Robert Pattinson introduced girlfriend FKA Twigs to his family recently and a source close to the Twilight hunk tells exclusively that ‘they did not love her as much as he was hoping they would!'” The alleged “insider” tells RadarOnline, “Although they are happy for their son, they were actually quite disapproving. The Pattinsons are a very traditional family and they thought that she was a really sweet girl, but just not the one that they want their son to end up with.”

RadarOnline says Twigs was “not the Christmas gift” Pattinson’s family hoped to receive. Here comes the obligatory reference to Stewart. “Unfortunately, his family will always compare every girl he is with to Kristen Stewart,” says the site’s source. “They really, really loved Kristen.”

Actually, it’s the tabloids who insist on comparing Twigs to Stewart. And it’s the tabloids who keep trying to create a love triangle that just doesn’t exist. And it’s the tabloids who can’t just let Pattinson and Twigs date in peace, instead taking every opportunity to manufacture controversy and discord.

Back in November, RadarOnline falsely claimed Pattinson had been told by friends he was “smothering” Twigs and might be pushing her away. Two months later, the couple is still happily together, and the facts-challenged site is looking for another cheap angle. When this “Pattinson’s parents hate Twigs” narrative fails to materialize, outlets like RadarOnline will push some other phony story. Meanwhile, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest report is “ridiculous.”


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