Robert Pattinson Talks Photographer Role In ‘Life’ And Being Hounded By Paparazzi

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Robert Pattinson Paparazzi

By Michael Lewittes |

Robert Pattinson Paparazzi

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Robert Pattinson talks about the photographer role he plays in the upcoming movie Life, as well as the role paparazzi play in his real life in a new interview. “I hate having my photo taken,” Pattinson says in the August issue of Total Film. Of course, that can be a bit of a problem when you’re one of the most photographed men in the world.

In the movie Life, Pattinson plays photographer Dennis Stock, who was assigned in the 1950s to shoot James Dean (played by Dane DeHaan) for Life magazine. Pattinson tells the movie magazine that he was attracted to the role of Stock because “I knew that feeling: someone so inhibited that they feel like they’re separate from the entire world. They’re not actually having the same experience as an average person.” Indeed, the stratospheric fame Pattinson has attained has made it difficult for him to enjoy certain aspects of his life that non-famous people do. Pattinson was also attracted by the complexity of Stock’s character, a father who “doesn’t love his kid.” The actor explains Stock was an “awful father” who finds “some kind of solace in his art.”

Pattinson says he practiced shooting with a Leica camera before filming the movie, and even took real photos during his scenes. In his typical self-deprecating style, the handsome star says the pictures “must be pretty awful or I’d have thought that would be a big part of the publicity.”

About his real life, Pattinson says he’s not hounded back at home in London. During his interview, he notes, “I’ve been in London for two months, and it’s fine. I never get photographed. It’s just a lot easier.” He further feel there are stars who like the attention from paparazzi. He says for some people, it “fuels them and makes them feel bigger and bigger and bigger.” But for Pattinson, “It just makes me feel small and feel like things are being taken away from me.” And while he doesn’t enjoy the experience, Pattinson also realizes he leads a good life, and “it’s just people asking for a photo.”


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