Robert Pattinson Did NOT Ask Kristen Stewart For Career Advice, Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Advice

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Advice

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Robert Pattinson did not ask Kristen Stewart for career advice, nor is FKA Twigs upset over the supposed conversation, despite a new report from the tabloids. Gossip Cop is told this is simply a non-issue.

But a headline in the new edition of In Touch blares, “FKA Twigs Flips Out Over Kristen.” According to the story, Twigs and Pattinson have “hit a rough patch,” and Stewart is the reason why. “Rob’s new flick Good Time has gotten a lot of buzz since the Cannes Film Festival. He reached out to Kristen to ask her advice on how he can keep that momentum going, because a lot of the films he’s starred in lately haven’t attracted much attention,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying.

The gossip magazine claims Twigs went “ballistic” when she found out about the purported chat. “She told Rob to cut all contact with Kristen,” contends the outlet’s supposed source, who alleges the singer-dancer is “paranoid that Rob still has feelings” for her. This tipster adds to the publication, “Hooking up with Kristen is the last thing on Rob’s mind. But FKA is so jealous.”

Gossip Cop was suspicious of this tale for a few reasons. First off, Cannes took place more than a month ago. If Pattinson really “reached out” to his former girlfriend in the aftermath, why is it first being reported so long after? Secondly, why would Stewart, of all people, be who Pattinson would go to for such career advice? She may have a Cesar Award to her name, but she’s no more a showbiz expert than he is.

Third, Twigs and Pattinson have been together for a few years now. It’s irrational to think she’d be “jealous” of Stewart after all the time that’s passed. And lastly, the notion that In Touch has inside details about what’s going on with the couple is laughable. This is the same tabloid that more than a year ago claimed Pattinson had “called off” his wedding to Twigs and ended the engagement because he supposedly realized she “isn’t the girl for him.”

Well, more than 12 months later, that girl and this guy are still together, proving just how wrong the magazine was and that Gossip Cop was right when we busted the tale. Despite the outlet having little credibility and the aforementioned red flags, Gossip Cop still looked into this new story, and we’re told the described conversation between Pattinson and Stewart “didn’t happen.” By extension, it’s also untrue that Twigs went “ballistic.” Case closed.