Robert Pattinson Tells Young Actors: “Take Good Care Of Your Mental Health”

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Robert Pattinson Mental Health Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Robert Pattinson Mental Health Interview

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Robert Pattinson skyrocketed to fame at a relatively young age, and now he has lessons to pass on the next generation of movie stars.

“It was amazing, but a little demanding psychologically. It only becomes clear much later though. My advice would probably be: Take good care of your mental health,” Pattinson tells the German publication, Teleschau. He notes, “If you get famous as quickly as I did, your personal growth stops suddenly.”

“I stopped growing at 22 back then and I was in shock for four years,” he continues. “It’s different now. My personal and professional development path is slowly emerging. That makes me happy.”

Pattinson, however, is still struggling with some aspects, such as the public component of his celebrity, which has been complicated by the tremendous rise in smartphones and social media. Playing photographer Dennis Stock in Life has allowed him to reflect on the way fan interactions have changed. He remarks, “Nobody asks you anymore, people just pull out their phones.”

The actor continues, “In all seriousness, though, back then you had to be a total pro in order to get good pictures and then you had to work to get them printed and distributed. The general atmosphere was very different back then. The people worshiped film stars and wanted to celebrate them. They loved looking at nice pictures in magazines.”

“Today there is such an over-saturation of pictures and because of that the pictures have to become more and more extreme in order for people to look at them,” Pattinson argues. “A beautiful picture of a celebrity doesn’t do it anymore, one has at least look drunk in it.”

He goes on to admit, “It’s still stressful for me, but it also depends on the overall mood. If you are in a good mood you don’t really mind, but if you are in a bad mood it affects you more than it should. You run the risk of circling around yourself. You start to think, ‘How will I look in the next picture?’ even when no one is taking a picture.”

“It drives you crazy sometimes. Fortunately it has gotten a lot calmer for me,” adds the British star. TELL US: What do you think of Pattinson’s latest comments on fame and life in the spotlight?


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