Robert Pattinson Opens Up About #MeToo Movement

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Robert Pattinson Me Too Movement

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Me Too Movement

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Robert Pattinson opened up about the #MeToo movement during a press conference at the Berlin Film Festival, where his western comedy Damsel is playing in competition. The actor called the campaign “pretty amazing” for finally giving victims of sexual harassment a voice to speak out. The actor’s Damsel co-star, Mia Wasikowska, also offered her take on the movement.

“If you feel that you’ve been wronged, and you feel that you don’t have the right to tell people about it and you feel that you’re being bullied into silence, it’s one of the most awful things in the world,” Pattinson said when asked about #MeToo. “So it’s amazing when any kind of dam breaks and people feel they’ve got the numbers to say, no, you’ll be safe to say whatever has happened to you. It’s pretty amazing.”

Wasikowska shared a similar sentiment, calling the movement “great” and predicting it will lead to “significant change” in the industry. The actress noted that she was home in Australia when the campaign first launched last year, but later got involved by participating in the “Respect Rally” at last month’s Sundance Film Festival, where #MeToo supporters gathered to promote the movement.

Later, Pattinson explained why he’s somewhat hesitant to sign on for another big-budget franchise following the Twilight series. “The only reason I’m a little cautious about big franchise films is that you can’t make them R-rated,” the actor said. “If you have a big budget, there’s more people on you to do it a [specific] way or you’re fired.” Pattinson further acknowledged that he prefers making movies that provide him the opportunity to “experiment more.”

One such “experiment” is Damsel, a satirical R-rated western that Pattinson has described as “a kind of slapstick comedy.” “There aren’t that many western comedies,” he said during the press conference. “In terms of the comedies, it’s tough to find one that has an interesting character.” The actor further acknowledged that he was drawn to the film because he’s rarely offered comedic roles, adding, “It was really fun to play, it has an odd tone, so it was fun to try and figure out how to fit into it.” Damsel premieres at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday.

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