Robert Pattinson, Margot Robbie Getting Flirty, Bonding Over ‘Batman’ Franchise?

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Robert Pattinson Margot Robbie Flirting Batman

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Margot Robbie Flirting Batman

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Robert Pattinson and Margot Robbie are not getting flirty and bonding over their roles in the Batman movie franchise, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. It’s totally fabricated.

As widely reported, Pattinson is set to portray Batman in an upcoming reboot of the DC Comics series, while Robbie portrayed Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad, a spinoff centered on many of the villains in the superhero franchise. The actress is set to reprise her role for next year’s Birds of Prey. According to NW, the two stars recently met up to discuss their involvement in the DC universe, and now Pattinson has “fallen for her charms.”

A supposed source tells the outlet, “Margot and Rob met through mutual pals, but what really connected them is they both have a future in the Batman movie franchise. They’re helping each other with character development and finding ways to dig deep into the whole psyche of it all, and having fun along the way.”

In reality, Robbie is happily married to producer Tom Ackerley, and isn’t flirting with any men behind his back. Meanwhile, Pattinson has been dating Suki Waterhouse for around a year now. The actor simply isn’t falling for another woman. It’s also worth noting, there’s been no indication that Pattinson and Robbie are appearing in a DC project together, despite both being part of the comic book universe.

The actor’s upcoming Batman film appears to be a standalone project that isn’t connected to Suicide Squad or Robbie’s Birds of Prey movie. It should also be mentioned, the actress already finished shooting Birds of Prey and started portraying Harley Quinn several years ago. The idea that Pattinson is helping her with “character development” doesn’t make much sense.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who wasn’t able to speak on the record, but assures us the magazine’s story is made-up. We’re told Pattinson and Robbie haven’t been meeting up to discuss the Batman franchise, and they certainly haven’t developed a flirtatious relationship.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to call out NW for making Robbie the object of another celebrity’s affection. Back in May, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely claiming Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were fighting over Robbie, their Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star. There was no love triangle between the three stars.

Last year, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for wrongly reporting that Pattinson was dating Lily Collins. Not only was there no romance between the two, but the actor was already in a relationship with Waterhouse at the time. The unreliable outlet is now attempting to link Pattinson and Robbie, but it’s all baseless.


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