Robert Pattinson Still “Loves” Kristen Stewart Is Fake News

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By Michael Lewittes |

Robert Pattinson Loves Kristen Stewart

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A new story claiming that Robert Pattinson still “loves” Kristen Stewart after a recent “reunion” is made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news from HollywoodLife. We’re once again told on background that no one in the two stars’ circles shares any information with that often discredited outlet.

In its latest tall tale, the blog alternately known as HollywoodLies maintains that Pattinson still has “a lot of love” for Stewart. The site is pegging its latest fabricated article on unverified claims that Stewart and Pattinson were seen “hanging out” at the Los Angeles restaurant Edendale on February 11. In what appears to be a flagrant lie, the site contends “a source close to Rob” shared with the repeatedly disproven outlet that they’re good “friends again” because “they really understand each other better than anyone else could.” The same almost assuredly concocted “insider” adds that these days Pattinson has “a lot of love” for Stewart.

OK, now let’s get to the truth. While the two bear no animosity towards each other since they last broke up a half decade ago, they are not tight “friends again.” They have each moved on, with Stewart and Stella Maxwell now a couple.

Additionally, HollywoodLies is basing its claim that they had a “reunion” at Edendale last week on a handful of social media messages that did not feature a single photo of Pattinson and Stewart together, let alone individually. It should also be noted that while the untrustworthy site reported about the former couple “hanging out,” not one of the more legitimate entertainment news outlets, such as People or E!, wrote anything about the alleged encounter. As of now, the stories about them at the bar remain unconfirmed.

For years, HollywoodLies manufactured one phony article after another about Pattinson and Stewart before they split. Among the blog’s bogus claims were about them having a baby and planning a wedding (below). Of course, as Gossip Cop stated at the time, it was all fiction.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart


After they split, the outlet continued to churn out made-up articles, including a number that wrongly maintained Pattinson was dating Riley Keough. Among the outlet’s fabricated stories included pieces titled, “Robert Pattinson: Why He Prefers Riley Keough Over Kristen Stewart” and “Robert Pattinson Trusts Riley Keough Won’t Cheat On Him Like Kristen Stewart.” But as Gossip Cop exclusively reported back then, they were never even a couple.

HollywoodLies did that again more recently when it falsely contended Pattinson and Katy Perry were dating. Just three weeks ago, the unreliable blog ran a story with the headline, “Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Caught Making Out At LA Cafe: They’re ‘Totally A Couple.’” Another concocted tale was titled, “Robert Pattinson ‘Crazy’ About Katy Perry: He’s Been ‘Majorly Crushing On Her’ For Ages.” (See screenshots below.) The reality, as Gossip Cop has always noted, is the two are nothing more than longtime platonic pals.

And yet HollywoodLife, which has reported fake news about Pattinson for nearly a decade, actually has the gall to untruthfully claim its information comes from a “pal of rob.” If an actual friend of the actor were feeding that site stories, then why have so many of its articles been undeniably false? Based on what we’ve been told on background, Gossip Cop can guarantee you no close “pal” of Pattinson is talking to that blog. Simply, HollywoodLies “loves” to make up stories about him and Stewart.

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