Robert Pattinson: It’s “Lame” Celebrities Can’t Be “Super Wild” Anymore

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Robert Pattinson Wild Partying

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Wild Partying

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Robert Pattinson is frustrated that the nature of celebrity has changed from just a few short years ago when stars were allowed to be “super wild” without it hurting their careers. But the increase in paparazzi and the rise of social media has changed everything.

In a new interview with The Talks, Pattinson discusses how actors, especially those involved in big franchises like Twilight, are being put under strict control by studios to act “vanilla.” The actor recalls how executives became angry when he was promoting the first Twilight because he “kept getting photographed, like, being drunk and smoking cigarettes and things.”

Pattinson then references Colin Farrell, pointing out that the actor’s career was actually helped by his antics. “I think the landscape has changed so much,” Pattinson says. “I guess when [Farrell] was super wild, that was only seven years ago, eight years ago, but I don’t even think you’re allowed to be like that anymore.”

Pattinson goes on to say, “If you do that now, you just don’t get employed. At all. Everyone wants you to be so vanilla! It’s so lame!” He then jokes, “So, everyone’s just like secret drug addicts instead.” Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Pattinson’s take on the current nature of celebrity in the comments below.


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