Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry “Flirty Dinner,” “Spotted Kissing” Is Fake News Story

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Robert Pattinson Katy Perry Flirty Dinner

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Robert Pattinson Katy Perry Flirty Dinner

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Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry did not have a “flirty dinner,” nor were they “spotted kissing.” As long as a certain website keeps pushing fake news stories about the pair, Gossip Cop will keeping debunking them.

As we previously reported, the website Wonderwall falsely claimed Pattinson and Perry were “making out” when they dined as part of a group at Taix French Restaurant last Friday. Pictures, however, showed the longtime pals weren’t even sitting next to each other, let alone kissing. And a rep for Perry blasted the makeout claim to Gossip Cop, stressing that such a thing never happened and that she and the actor remain strictly friends.

But HollywoodLife went with the fictional narrative, and even added to it by making-up a story about Pattinson “majorly crushing” on Perry. Of course, if the site had real sources, as Gossip Cop does, it would know that’s not the case. And now the blog is misguidedly trying to extend the storyline even further, even though it has absolutely nothing new or noteworthy to offer.

“Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry’s Flirty Dinner: Where They Were Spotted Kissing — See Pics,” reads the latest headline from HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed. Again: They were not “flirty” during the group dinner and they were not “kissing.” And there are no “pics” that show otherwise. Still, the outlet maintains they “showed off their new reported romance by making out in public… and now there are pics to prove it!”

So, did revealing new pictures suddenly surface? No. The online publication is merely sharing the same snapshots that have been circulating on Twitter since Saturday, the same photos Gossip Cop even linked to in our original bust. They show Perry and Pattinson sitting with distance between them and no physical interaction whatsoever. Sure, they confirm that they were, in fact, having a meal together, but that was never in dispute. But they don’t “prove” anything about a makeout or a romantic coupling. They also don’t back up the wrong assertion that there was “tons of touching and tickling throughout the night.”

HollywoodLies is deceptively misrepresenting not just what the pictures actually show, but their timing. The website is acting like these photos only just came out when even the tweet the website links to is dated Saturday, January 27. The blog is trying to make it seem like it’s offering real news when all it has is things that are old (the photos) and untrue (the kissing claims). That makes the piece nothing but a fake news story.

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