Robert Pattinson Has NOT Been “Majorly Crushing” On Katy Perry For Years, Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson Katy Perry Crush

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry Crush

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A new story claiming that Robert Pattinson is “crazy” about Katy Perry and has been “majorly crushing” on her for years simply isn’t true. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this narrative. We’re told it’s fake news.

On Saturday, HollywoodLife wrongly reported that Pattinson and Perry were caught “making out” at a Los Angeles restaurant. There was absolutely no truth to the rumor. In fact, a rep for Perry assured Gossip Cop that while she’s been friends with the actor for years, there’s nothing romantic going on between the two of them. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the habitually unreliable blog from spreading more lies about the situation.

The site manufactured a follow-up story on Sunday contending that the (nonexistent) kiss has been a long time coming. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Rob has been majorly crushing on Katy for ages, but she was insistent on them being just friends. Rob wasn’t going to take no for an answer though, and he was determined to win her over.”

The outlet’s fabricated insider adds that Perry “finally gave in” to Pattinson after he spent a long time charming her, “and they’ve been casually dating for a while now.” The concocted source continues, “It’s nothing serious at this point, although Rob would definitely love to take things to the next level, but he’s happy to go at Katy’s pace, for now.”

Once again, Gossip Cop can confirm Pattinson and the singer aren’t dating, casually or otherwise. Perry herself noted that she and Pattinson are just friends when phony romance rumors first cropped up a few years ago. She said, “He’s my bud, I’m like his big sister. We just hang out.” The nature of their relationship hasn’t changed since.

It’s also worth noting that HollywoodLife has a history of publishing fake news stories about Pattinson and Perry being a couple. They’ve been lying about the two for years. More recently in August, the untrustworthy outlet falsely linked them romantically after they were spotted out having a platonic dinner with friends at the Tower Bar restaurant in L.A. Now that Pattinson and Perry have been seen eating together again, the bogus rumors are heating up once more. Gossip Cop, however, can put an end to the wrong reports.

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Robert Pattinson has been majorly crushing on Katy Perry for ages.

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Robert Pattinson has been crushing on Katy Perry for ages.

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