CLAIM: Robert Pattinson “Jealous” of Kristen Stewart’s Success, Couple in Crisis

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By Daniel Gates |


According to “sources” for the National Enquirer, “ugly career jealousy is wrecking the headline-making romance of Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.”

The tabloid, which falsely claimed the couple split in November 2011, is convinced that Pattinson is upset about Stewart’s success.

A so-called “insider” explains, “Rob is stewing over her post-Twilight breakout success, while he’s struggling to find his footing.”

The Enquirer points out how well Stewart’s Snow White and the Huntsman performed at the box office, adding that she’s “rumored to be a frontrunner” for the lead in an adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

(That’s another extreme Enquirer exaggeration, by the way.)

“To make matters worse,” continue the tab’s “sources,” Pattinson is supposedly “demanding his girlfriend cut back on work to spend more time nurturing their relationship.”

Stewart is allegedly upset about Pattinson’s sulking behavior, and now “their romance of nearly three years has been pushed to the brink,” says the Enquirer.

An “insider” concludes, “Their career rivalry is driving a serious wedge between them. They’re headed in opposite directions.”


Here’s a good rule of thumb: Don’t copy claptrap from the clueless sensationalists over at HollywoodLife, who floated a similar — and false — story back in April.

A source close to the couple laughed off the idea of Stewart’s success being a “wedge” between them, telling Gossip Cop that Pattinson is “absolutely thrilled” about how things are going for his girlfriend.

The Enquirer piece is a “bad joke,” we’re assured.

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