Robert Pattinson: I Don’t Have A “James Dean Thing”

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Robert Pattinson James Dean Comparisons

By Shari Weiss |

Robert Pattinson James Dean Comparisons

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Robert Pattinson is candidly revealing how he does and doesn’t relate to James Dean as his new movie Life gears up to hit theaters.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Pattinson stars as real-life photographer Dennis Stock who befriended Dean and took some of the most iconic photos of the screen star before his tragic death. Over the years, some have compared Pattinson’s look to Dean’s, and others have questioned why he opted to play Stock in the film, instead of the movie legend. But Pattinson is now admitting that he just doesn’t see himself as a Dean-type.

“I don’t know if I’ve had like a James Dean thing,” he says in an interview published by the Sydney Morning Herald. “For one thing people were really looking at James Dean like a leader. Young people, both girls and guys, saying, ‘Tell us how to live. It looks like you know the secrets!’ Well, I don’t think anyone has ever looked at me like that.”

But Pattinson did find common ground with Stock, though perhaps not in the happiest of ways. “He had all these resentments still, all these things he envies James Dean about, all these chips on his shoulder all still very evident,” says the actor. “In his eyes, someone like James Dean is just living freely and doing whatever he wants, he’s the artist he wants to be. It’s crazy, but I related to it. He’s a kind of tragic figure.”

Pattinson also compares and contrasts Dean’s experiences with fame to his own, noting, “In this movie, he is already disillusioned and disappointed. Whereas when all that stuff was happening to me, it was kind of exciting and fun because I had no idea what was going on… I felt like there was a door in front of me left open and you could just keep pushing the door with no idea of what was on the other side. I was just curious.”

“I didn’t realize until years later that you can’t turn any of it off — the door has slammed behind you,” adds Pattinson. Life won’t hit theaters in the United States until December, but is opening in some international markets in the coming days and months. TELL US: Do you think Robert Pattinson is similar to James Dean?


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