Robert Pattinson Interviews Jamie Bell: “Who Are You F*cking?”

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Robert Pattinson Jame Bell Interview

By Minyvonne Burke |

Robert Pattinson Jame Bell Interview

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Robert Pattinson interviewed longtime pal Jamie Bell for the new issue of Interview, and kicked things off by jokingly asking Bell, “Who are you f*cking?”

The magazine routinely has stars interview each other, and Pattinson began their chat by cracking to Bell, “Let’s not talk about any of your work. Let’s only talk about your personal life. Your crack usage. Who are you f*cking? Okay? What’s your earliest memory?”

Of course, the discussion was supposed to be about Bell’s career, though he gamely opted to answer the least scandalous query of the personal questions, admitting he doesn’t really have childhood memories. “My memory is f*cking vague from when I was a kid. I remember having a Batmobile. It was a replica from the Tim Burton movies, and it fired these yellow missiles,” said Bell, adding, “I remember there wasn’t a lot of sun in northeastern England. So there was one day in history when apparently it was sunny, and my mom was outside on a deck chair or something like that. I remember firing the missile and it hitting her foot. That’s as early as I can remember. I don’t even know how old I was.”

He continued, “After that, it was basically the ballet barre; everything else, I’m wearing tights. I remember playing around my grandma’s house. My sister was always in dancing class and stuff, so I was dropped off with my grandma a lot, picking vegetables. My grandfather makes wine, so I tasted his wine occasionally when no one was looking.”

The Fantastic Four actor also reflected on his first movie role in Billy Elliot when he was only 13 years old. “I had no reference. It was the circus that comes to town, a hundred crew members standing in the street, looking at you to do something. But I think for everyone else, for the producers and stuff, it was kind of a mini-movie that they didn’t expect to do very much,” explained Bell, noting, “Now that I think back on it, that was a really small movie—small crew, very contained. So what happened after was just crazy. It changed everything.”

Bell also told Pattinson that he believes one of the reasons he has been able to keep such a level head throughout his career, unlike many other child stars, is because someone once offered him a piece of good advice: “Always be yourself.” Bell said, “I am quite unashamedly Jamie all the time. I think that definitely helped even in terms of sanity — not in terms of career, just in terms of keeping your head, especially when you start so young.” TELL US: What do you think of Pattinson interviewing Bell, and kicking things off with the sex joke?


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