Robert Pattinson: It’s The “Worst Insult” To Mistake Me For American

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Robert Pattinson Insult American British

By Shari Weiss |

Robert Pattinson Insult American British

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Robert Pattinson may be able to do a respectable American accent, but he wants everyone to know he’s British through and through.

In a new interview with Elle France, Pattinson is asked about the “worst thing someone has said” about him. He’s quoted as responding, “It’s going to make you laugh, but as a Brit, to hear someone say I’m American is the worst insult! I am English! Let it be known once and for all!”

Of course, most Pattinson fans know his heritage, and they won’t be surprised to hear him gush about life in the U.K. “I live between Los Angeles and London. But being in London is a pure delight. They leave me alone,” he notes. “It’s the same everywhere in Europe. The other day I was strolling around Paris, and nobody bothered me!”

The topic also comes up elsewhere in the interview, when discussing how fame has changed his life. “What is terrible is that I became famous when the world changed. In 2008, everybody had a cell phone, it was the explosion of social media,” he reportedly says. “As a result, the freedom to protect [privacy] has become ultra thin. Not only were all these paparazzi camping outside my house but [there was] this new horde of fans who relayed information on social media. It became unmanageable. ”

“At some point I became paranoid. I [didn’t go] out of my house in Los Angeles. It was hell,” continues Pattinson. “At the same time I was aware of the ridiculousness of the situation. It made no sense.” Still, he calls his success from Twilight a “happy accident,” and disagrees when the interviewer suggests that picking smaller movies could turn off his admirers.

Pattinson is quoted as saying, “On the contrary, I think my name on a poster rallies my fan base.” He goes on to explain, “I hope to awake their curiosity and show them a different vision of cinema. Don’t forget that they grow up, too. And they don’t want to see all their lives Robert Pattinson playing a vampire. We tend to devalue the fans. It’s a mistake. The fan is an audience member like the others.”

It’s worth noting Pattinson was also asked about Kristen Stewart, but declined to discuss their past relationship. The Elle France interview was done to promote Life, which opens there next Wednesday, but U.S. fans will have to wait til December to see the film. TELL US: What do you think of Pattinson getting upset when people mistake him for being American?


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