Robert Pattinson NOT Hurt By Kristen Stewart “Gross” Relationship Comment, Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson Relationship Kristen Stewart Gross

By Michael Lewittes |

Robert Pattinson Relationship Kristen Stewart Gross

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Robert Pattinson is not hurt by Kristen Stewart’s comments to T magazine about their past relationship, despite a wholly made-up story. Gossip Cop can once again expose a webloid that has been repeatedly caught fabricating stories about both Pattinson and Stewart. We’re told the claim is a “total, total lie.”

According to the often discredited HollywoodLife, Pattinson is supposedly dismayed by Stewart’s alleged “diss” that their relationship was “gross.” The disreputable site contends Pattinson is “upset,” and that Stewart is in “hot water with her ex.” The webloid has the gall to claim “a source close to the couple” tells the untrustworthy outlet that while Pattinson “isn’t shocked, he is deeply wounded” by Stewart’s remarks. The same seemingly fictitious “source” supposedly adds that Pattinson felt there was “no reason to disrespect what they had in the past.”

A few things bear mentioning right off the bat. For starters, individuals from both Pattinson and Stewart’s camps have guaranteed Gossip Cop on several occasions that absolutely no one close to the stars speaks to anyone at HollywoodLies. And the fact that the site has been dead wrong about each one is proof. Remember when the webloid made up story after story that claimed Pattinson was dating Riley Keough? Or how about when HollywoodLife concocted a second Stewart “reunion” with Rupert Sanders? Both those narratives were 100 percent lies.

The outlet has no credible Pattinson and Stewart sources. And to prove it, Gossip Cop is going to put its money where its mouth is. We are offering the webloid $1,000, which we will donate to the site’s charity of choice, if they can produce this so-called “source close to the couple.” We highly suspect their supposed “source” will never ever materialize.

Equally important, as Gossip Cop reported on Wednesday, Stewart never “dissed” Pattinson nor called their relationship “gross.” The staffers as HollywoodLies either willfully manipulated Stewart’s quote or have terrible reading comprehension. What the actress plainly said was that it was “gross” how her private relationship become part of the public discourse of fans and members of the media. An actual impeccable source, who helped Gossip Cop bust the webloid on numerous occasions, exclusively tells us the latest story is a “total, total lie.” Once again, the only thing that’s “gross” are the misrepresentations HollywoodLife masquerades as reporting.

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Robert Pattinson is hurt by Kristen Stewart’s comments about their relationship.


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