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Robert Pattinson being "happy to hear Kristen Stewart truly loved him" is yet another fake news story manufactured by HollywoodLife. The site, which has been exposed on numerous occasions for fabricating articles about the two Twilight stars, seemingly just made up this angle after Stewart's Harper's Bazaar UK interview was published, and in which she said she was "in love" with everyone she's dated. Gossip Cop has been repeatedly told by Pattinson insiders that no one close to him speaks to that untrustworthy site.

In its latest concocted and entirely predictable story, the webloid relates that Stewart's feelings for Pattinson were "real," and after having read it in her new magazine interview, Pattinson is now suddenly "happy" to hear that. The unreliable outlet backs up its bogus article with a seemingly made-up "source" saying how Pattinson "knows a lot of people think she was faking her love for him, and there are times he's wondered that too." "He's not wondering or worried about that anymore," continues the so-called "source," who adds, "It's all good between them."

But what's really going on is that Stewart said in her Harper's Bazaar interview, "I've been deeply in love with everyone I've dated," noting, "Did you think I was faking it?" She further offered, "I've always really embraced a duality," meaning she's loved both men and women. Based on that, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies claims it's learned Pattinson is "happy that she's finding herself and what works for her."

For starters, Pattinson never ever "wondered" whether Stewart was "faking her love for him." When they were together, he loved her and she loved him. Gossip Cop is also assured that Pattinson knew back then that she "truly loved him," and that it's not some sort of new revelation, based on a fashion magazine's article. Gossip Cop is further told no one from his camp speaks to HollywoodLies, and its fictitious claims are nothing more than fake news.

To say that the blog has a history of making up stories about Pattinson and Stewart would be a tremendous understatement. We found in our archives well over 100 untrue tales that the webloid has published about them. Even the most casual reader of Gossip Cop will recall how we exposed the outlet for fabricating articles about Pattinson dating Katy Perry and Riley Keough. Of course, there was no truth to any of those claims.

What HollywoodLies does is it takes an existing story and then manufactures new and entirely made-up angles to it. The discredited blog did the exact same thing almost exactly a year ago to the date after Stewart gave an interview to Elle UK. At the time, the site spun a series of fictitious tales about Pattinson being "happy" for Stewart when she declared she was "in love" with her then-girlfriend Alicia Cargile. That "happy" theme sound familiar?

As Gossip Cop pointed out last year, those HollywoodLife articles about Pattinson being "happy" for Stewart were made-up, much like the current story about him being "happy" to find out that she really loved him. The two have stayed friendly, and he's always known the truth. And while they were together, Pattinson never thought Stewart was "faking it." The only fakers are the serial fibbers at HollywoodLies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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