Robert Pattinson GQ Interview Highlights: See Best Quotes From Cover Story!

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Pattinson GQ Cover Story

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson GQ Interview

(Daniel Jackson/GQ)

Robert Pattinson is featured on the cover of the September 2017 issue of GQ to promote his highly-anticipated new movie Good Time. Gossip Cop has compiled a list of highlights from the actor’s interview. Check out some of the best quotes below!

Pattinson On Refusing To Swim With Sharks During The Interview
“I’m afraid something will happen that makes me look like a p*ssy.”

Pattinson On Fecal-Matter Transplants
“It works. You can have an athlete’s sh*t put inside you and then you’re an athlete afterwards… If we did a swap, I don’t know if you’d be able to handle my sh*t.”

Pattinson On Avoiding Blockbusters After Twilight
“I think you have to have a specific type of confidence to be in those movies.”

Pattinson On Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie High Life
“It’s a lot about sexual fantasy, and how your past intermingles, and this thing about kind of having your semen stolen from you in a spaceship and like forcibly impregnating people.”

Pattinson On Choosing Directors To Work With
“When I find someone who I have an instinct about, who’s going to just push forward, I find it quite easy to completely give myself to that person. And I can commit so wholeheartedly because I think it’s so stressful being in a thing where you’re just constantly second-guessing everything all the time.”

Pattinson On Dealing With Paparazzi
“They’re just losers trying to do their jobs… People were like, ‘It’s fine, who cares? They’re just photos or whatever.’ They’ll say, ‘Just live your life.’ But that’s not life for me, if someone’s observing it.”

Pattinson On Evading Paparazzi
“As soon as I saw a tail, I would just disappear again. It worked after a while. They’re just like, ‘Oh, the guy is just a hassle.’ There are ways to disappear, like, fairly easily. But you have to be living a quite strange life. It just involves effort, and most people can’t really be bothered to put the effort in.”

Pattinson On Promoting Films
“It’s technically part of my job, but I’ve never been very good at it. I’ve never been that concerned if someone sees the movie. If I could stay silent, I would.”

Pattinson On Gossip Derailing A Movie
“Like Waterworld, for instance. It’s one of the greatest movies ever made, and everyone said it was bad. And for years everyone was like, ‘This is a terrible movie.’ And now people are watching it and the veil is being taken away.”

Pattinson On Being Misunderstood
“I want to be misunderstood. People are always changing, and the more you put something down in print, people form opinions and they’re constantly creating who they think you are. If you do something that contradicts that, or if you do something which goes out of that box, then you can look like a liar or something like that.”

It should be noted, the actor shied away from discussing his personal life during the GQ interview, especially his relationship with FKA Twigs. When asked, “Are you getting married?” the actor elusively said, “Eh…,” then laughed. As for his decision to keep quiet about his private life, the actor explained, “I always think the risk reward is very much weighted in the wrong direction.” Pattinson also stars in a funny short film as part of his profile. Watch below!

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