Robert Pattinson: It’s “Abominable” My Mom Has Google Alerts For Me

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Robert Pattinson Google Alerts Irish Times

By Shari Weiss |

Robert Pattinson Google Alerts Irish Times

(The Ticket)

Robert Pattinson’s fans are not the only ones keeping track of every online article written about him. The actor’s mom, Clare, is, too.

“My mother has Google Alerts. It’s the most abominable compulsion,” Pattinson admits in a new interview for The Ticket, a supplement of The Irish Times. The movie star, who has spoken in several recent interviews about his distaste for Internet commentary, goes on to say, “The most embarrassing thing is looking yourself up.”

Pattinson argues, “Nothing can affect you at all if you don’t look it up. People who do pay attention to that stuff think they are trying to connect with the real world. But comments on the internet are not the real world. Thankfully.”

He also questions his famous R-Pattz/R-Patz nickname. “They call everybody something, I suppose,” he says, confessing, “I would love to know what the reason was for that. I always like to think its contempt masquerading as admiration.” Pattinson’s next admission might spark more contempt or admiration, depending on your perspective.

Pattinson reveals, “When I was younger, I was a real film buff. When I lived in London, I would watch an enormous amount of films. I seemed to have more patience with German New Wave films and so on. Now I don’t know what’s happened. I feel I have had a minor stroke and all I can watch is reality TV. I am grabbing on to the few remaining brain cells.”

He later discusses being told early on by a drama teacher that he should not go into acting, and how it has led him to “always” feel “like the underdog.” “Fifteen years later I still have that deep- seated memory. I will probably always have it,” he says, before adding with a laugh, “Oh, well. What am I saying? I think that brain damage is kicking in again.” TELL US: Do you use Google Alerts for your favorite celebrity?


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