Robert Pattinson ‘Good Morning America’ Video: Watch “Good Time” Interview!

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Robert Pattinson GMA Good Time Interview

By Holly Nicol |

Robert Pattinson GMA Good Time Interview


Robert Pattinson appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America,” where he spoke about his latest movie Good Time. Watch the full “GMA” interview below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Good Time, which hits theaters on Friday, is a critically-acclaimed crime thriller in which Pattinson stars as a bank robber who tries to get his brother out of jail after one of their heists goes terribly wrong. Just one day before its official release, Pattinson spoke to Michael Strahan during a live segment on the morning show about the film.

On dramatically changing his look for the movie, Pattinson said, “I had a lot of time to convince people I was ‘that.’ It was one of the first times I’ve stayed in character for a significant period of time. It’s very satisfying wandering around shooting a movie and no one noticed, no one in it looks recognizable.”

And on mastering a Queens (New York) accent, he said, “I’ve always liked doing accents. My mum is one of those people who will be talking to someone on the phone with an accent, and by the end of the conversation, no matter how strong their accent is, she’ll fully be imitating their accent.” He added, “I find it really fun. I spent a lot of time in Queens.”

Strahan went on to ask the actor what attracted him to take part in the movie. “I really liked the Safdie brothers. I really liked their previous movie. It felt very wild and out-of-control, and it kind of felt like it was almost a documentary,” Pattinson shared. “I wanted to make something like that, a thriller which felt like it was on the cusp of the cops busting in at any moment. It should feel wild.”

Building up to its official release, Pattinson has been appearing on a number of talk shows to promote his latest film. As Gossip Cop previously reported, Pattinson appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday, and just hours before taping, GQ released its September issue with Pattinson gracing the cover. His recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” however, sparked some controversy when he revealed he was supposedly asked to masturbate a dog on camera for Good Time. Pattinson later clarified in a statement to Gossip Cop that it was just a joke that had “spiraled out of control.” Watch Pattinson’s full “GMA” interview in the video below!

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