Robert Pattinson ‘GMA’ Video: Watch ‘Lost City Of Z’ Interview With Charlie Hunnam

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Robert Pattinson GMA Video Hunnam

By Shari Weiss |

Robert Pattinson GMA Video Hunnam


Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam opened up about making The Lost City Of Z in a joint interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “GMA.” Watch below!

Both actors lost more than 30 pounds as they forwent most food during the production to realistically portray early 20th century explorers. Pattinson revealed, “The main topic of conversation for us was, ‘Did you eat a second egg this morning?'” And this was no green screen shoot.

“There was moments where me and Charlie were both kind of hacking through jungles with machetes. It’s virgin jungle,” Pattinson shared. “It’s in the middle of the jungle, and all the Colombians there were like, ‘What are you doing?! Stay on the path. You’re going to get bitten by something.'”

Hunnam noted, “I felt as though it was going to require more from me than I’d ever had to give.” And to truly embrace his real-life character, Percy Facett, the star went method with his communication (or lack thereof), too. “He would go on these grand, heroic explorations into the jungle for three or four years at a time and have no contact with his family at home. I’m lucky that I have a very understanding girlfriend who allows me to go off and do these weird whims,” said the actor.

When it was suggested that going off the grid might actually be a welcome respite, both guys broke out laughing. “There is that aspect of it,” Pattinson acknowledged, joking, “I’m sorry, I have to go for six months and I am deeply in character! Don’t call me.” Check out the video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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