Robert Pattinson Does NOT Think FKA Twigs’ Breast Chair Photo Has Anything To Do With Kristen Stewart, Despite Claim

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FKA Twigs Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

By Michael Lewittes |

FKA Twigs Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson thinks FKA Twigs’ Instagram photo of her sitting on a chair with breasts ridicules Kristen Stewart” and her reported romance with Alicia Cargile, and is “furious,” begins another nonsensical story from Celeb Dirty Laundry. How so? Well, the webloid doesn’t have an explanation for that. Regardless, FKA Twigs’ photo in the chair has nothing to do with Stewart or Pattinson, Gossip Cop can confirm.

After the blog claims the unrelated photo (see below) ridiculed Stewart and infuriated Pattinson, it never mentions how. Nor does the absurd site quote a single source as saying the picture has anything to do with Stewart or had any impact on Pattinson. CDL simply throws out the outrageous claim and then abandons the premise. In fact, the webloid even contradicts itself a few sentences down, stating that there’s a “non-existent love triangle between her [FKA Twigs], Kristen, and Rob.”

Wait, if there’s a “non-existent love triangle,” why would Pattinson think a random photo his girlfriend posted in a funny chair would have anything to do with Stewart? It is sort of funny to see CDL acknowledge it’s a “non-existent love triangle,” after having previously (and wrongly) reported that Pattinson was breaking up with the singer to get back together with Stewart, and another time claimed the actress was taking time off to have Pattinson’s baby (though he was already dating FKA Twigs).

Clearly, CDL has no Pattinson, FKA Twigs, or Stewart sources, and makes its stories up as it goes along. That’s why no one’s ever quoted in its flimsy posts, and generally the end of its stories somehow contradict the lead sentences of their pieces. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks everything, and a source close to Pattinson calls the webloid’s initial claim that the actor felt FKA Twig’s photo was ridiculing Stewart “the stupidest thing ever.”

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