Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Have NOT Decided On “First Dance” At Wedding, Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson wedding dance FKA Twigs

By Michael Lewittes |

Robert Pattinson wedding dance FKA Twigs

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Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have not decided yet on their “first dance” for their upcoming wedding, despite a highly speculative story that an insider calls “nonsense.” Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report, which has no factual basis. We’re told much of the wedding planning is still up in the air, and choosing their “first dance” is much “further down the list” of what needs to be finalized.

According to a new report from the Mirror, Aaron Sillis, who has done some choreography for FKA Twigs, claims Pattinson and the singer won’t do a rehearsed “first dance.” He says rather wishy-washily, “I don’t think that would be Twigs’ vibe,” adding, “She’s more low-key.” Sillis further tells the British tabloid, “She’d probably just improvise.”

Before Gossip Cop gets into what a source tells us, please note that Sillis is clearly not privy to the couple’s wedding plans and uses such non-concrete language as “I don’t think” and “She’d probably.” The bottom line is Sillis doesn’t have any particular insight into what FKA Twigs and Pattinson will do for a “first dance.” And that’s actually OK, as long as readers don’t take as gospel what he’s saying.

An impeccable Pattinson source exclusively tells Gossip Cop the star and FKA Twigs have not decided on their “first dance” because there are many more and larger aspects of their wedding to finalize. “It’s further down the list,” says our source, adding that talk of FKA Twigs having decided they’ll just “improvise” in front of their guests is, at this point, just speculative “nonsense.”


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