Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs “Engagement Rings” Scoop Made Up By HollywoodLife

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New Celebrity Couples 2014

By Daniel Gates |

New Celebrity Couples 2014

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HollywoodLife is exaggerating, embellishing and misleading. Again. The webloid just published a new story about the promise rings Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are allegedly wearing, but now the outlet is referring to them as “pre-engagement rings” and pretends to have a “scoop.” If Gossip Cop has learned anything, it’s that HollywoodLife never has the scoop.

The story is characteristically confusing and clueless. “We’ve known for a while that Robert’s wanted to get engaged bad, and sources tell that Robert even wanted to give Twigs a real engagement ring over the holidays,” reports the outlet. “So, what stopped him? He ‘couldn’t find the right one, so he held off.’” HollywoodLife then adds, “It might be good that he did. The relationship between him and Twigs won’t last too long if he keeps pushing marriage when she doesn’t want it. But to hear that they both decided to get pre-engagement rings? That’s just heartwarming.”

Wait, so Pattinson wanted to propose to Twigs around the New Year, but didn’t, because he and she weren’t on the same page in terms of committing to the relationship? Then how does HollywoodLife explain this next passage? “Robert and FKA had to go shopping together to find the right pair of ‘authentic’ and ‘one of a kind’ jewelry to match their romance,” says the webloid. “And don’t think they decided to do this just a few weeks ago, because our source explained that the couple have been looking at rings since the start of the year. Wow!”

According to HollywoodLife, Pattinson was going to propose to Twigs around the holidays but couldn’t find the right engagement ring and she didn’t want to get engaged, and also he and Twigs have been shopping around for rings since around the same time. Rings, by the way, that HollywoodLife refers to as both “engagement” and “pre-engagement” in the article. Oh, and HollywoodLife adds, “We think it’s not going to take long for Robert and Twigs to trade those promise rings for wedding rings.” So, the promise rings… are engagement rings after all? HollywoodLife can’t make up its mind.

But here’s the best part: HollywoodLife claims to have known “for a while” about all of this, to have known about the ring shopping, to know that Pattinson and Twigs “picked them out together,” to know pretty much everything. Except… HollywoodLife’s “source” never reveals WHEN the rings were purchased, or WHERE the rings were purchased, or ANY details whatsoever about the rings. Isn’t it strange? It’s almost as though HollywoodLife does NOT have the “scoop” on the situation. Of course, HollywoodLife has posted countless false stories about Pattinson over the years, all the while exploiting his fans with alleged “scoops” and “exclusives” that turn out to be empty filler or misinformed speculation. This is just more of the same.


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