Robert Pattinson: “I’d Be Curious” If Someone Else Played Edward Cullen

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Robert Pattinson Time Out London

By Shari Weiss |

Robert Pattinson Time Out London

(Time Out London)

Robert Pattinson isn’t possessive over Edward Cullen, the Twilight character that propelled him to international superstardom. In fact, he admits he’d be “curious” to see someone else take on the role.

The actor makes the admission in his new cover story for Time Out London. While speaking about his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it’s mentioned that his character has a significant part in the stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Asked if he feels “possessive” of his Wizarding World alter-ego, Pattinson responds, “Not really. Even with Twilight, I’d be curious if someone else played it.”

He’s also grateful for his Harry Potter role regardless. “It was so nice to be a part of it. That, more than anything, changed my life. It’s the reason I didn’t go to university,” Pattinson says, revealing, “It went so far over schedule, I couldn’t go. It was supposed to be four months, but it ended up being 10 or 11. I’d turn up to set every day but not work for weeks at a time [because I wasn’t needed for filming]. I was 17 and I was the only person who wasn’t in school. I’d just hang about.”

And while there’s currently no plans for Twilight to continue with or without Pattinson’s involvement, the actor confesses he appreciated that his time with the franchise had a set end point, unlike many other blockbuster film series. “It was fun and it’s not like I signed up on an eight-picture deal, I knew it was finite,” he says. “I had to be 17, there were only four books and there weren’t going to be any more. The only time it felt negative was when people were waiting outside my house a few years ago.”

Perhaps the only other downside is that it led to the nickname “R-Patz,” of which he does not seem too fond. “That’s the one thing: why some people end up with a moniker and some don’t. It’s really unfair that I ended up with a moniker,” he laughs.

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