Robert Pattinson “Life” Performance Slammed By Dennis Stock’s Wife Susan Richards

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Robert Pattinson Life Susan Richards

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Pattinson Life Susan Richards

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Robert Pattinson portrays late photographer Dennis Stock in the upcoming movie Life, but the lensman’s wife Susan Richards is not happy with his performance, claiming, “That wasn’t the man I knew.”

As Gossip Cop has reported, Life is based on the true story of the friendship that developed between Stock and legendary movie star James Dean when they embarked on a road trip in the early 1950s as part of a magazine profile. Stock’s widow is now very critical of the film, and Pattinson in particular, after seeing the movie. Richards tells The Guardian that the actor’s portrayal lacked “the guts, energy and imagination needed to capture such a ferocious and remarkable man.”

Richards goes on to say that as opposed to her late husband’s actual demeanor, “Pattinson portrayed a man who was very insecure, very low on confidence.” She adds the character in the film “wasn’t very bright,” and that he “seemed confused, inarticulate.” Richards further alleges that the movie version of Stock featured “none of the confidence, humor, charm or intelligence that drew me, and so many others, to Dennis.”

It should be noted, however, Life is set in 1955 when Stock was only 26-years-old, 50-plus years before Richards ever met the photographer. Additionally, Stock had a full life and family well before he wed Richards in 2006. Still, the photographer’s widow maintains, “He grew up on the streets of New York. This was not a shy man, but a ferocious man,” adding contradictorily, “But he was a warm man, and that warmth wasn’t in the film at all.” Richards finished her critique by explaining that she doesn’t feel Pattinson “had the guts to try and interpret someone as complex and powerful as Dennis. He just withdrew.”

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