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HollywoodLife is turning Robert Pattinson's new haircut into clickbait by asking fans to vote on whether he "rocks" a buzz cut better than Kristen Stewart. It's an inane article that seeks to score traffic by encouraging their respective fan bases to duke it out in a poll and in the comments section.

As Gossip Cop reported, Pattinson attended the Deauville American Film Festival on Saturday, revealing a newly-shaved head. The new look is for the actor's role in High Life, which is currently filming. Now HollywoodLies is connecting his hairdo to Stewart, who shaved her head back in March before shooting the movie Underwater. While the webloid is obviously linking the pair because they used to date, Pattinson trimming his hair roughly six months after Stewart has literally nothing to do with her.

Yet HollywoodLies is blaring, "Robert Pattinson Vs Kristen Stewart: Who Rocks The Buzz Cut Best?" The site ridiculously says that while the actor "shocked us all" with his buzz cut, "He probably shocked his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart more than anyone, as the two now share the exact same hairdo. Can you say awkward?" Actually, there's nothing "shocking" about Pattinson shaving his head since he's done it before. And there's nothing "awkward" about Stewart also having a shaved head, given that the exes are just two of thousands of people, if not more, in the world who also sport buzz cuts. There's no reason for Stewart to spend even a second considering Pattinson's hairstyle, just like there's no reason for Pattinson to weigh in on Stewart's shaved head, which HollywoodLies falsely claimed he did months ago.

Perhaps what's most incredible here is that this isn't even the first time the outlet has absurdly tried to start a fan war and score traffic based on the former couples' hairdos. In 2014, after Pattinson and Stewart each sported new styles, the online publication similarly asked, "Whose New Hair Is Better?" Gossip Cop was actually reminded of that faux journalism in July, when HollywoodLies decided to apply the same concept to other purported rivals. Because Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid both dated The Weeknd, fans were asked to pick who has the better bikini body. And just days ago, as we pointed out, there was a similarly shameful story that asked readers to vote whether Gwen Stefani or Miranda Lambert look "sexiest," simply because they have Blake Shelton in common.

In each of these cases, the webloid wasn't trying to offer thought-provoking fashion commentary. Rather, the goal was just to get clicks by riling up warring fandoms. And while it's certainly possible to be a fan of both Pattinson and Stewart, HollywoodLies is linking them purely for traffic. "Honestly, who looks hotter with the haircut?" asks the site. But the outlet doesn't really care about the answer. It just cares about exploitation.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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